Registering a Bulgarian Company

Company registration
With years of professional experience we have built an excellent reputation for company formation. The establishment of a business entity in Bulgaria is easy and straightforward. No residence permission is required to establish a business presence, although there is some regulation of the use of business and trading names. All companies registered in the Republic of Bulgaria are required to do so with the Commercial Register and have to submit accounts and annual returns.
There are a number of different options for Bulgarian businesses: as a Limited Liability Company (Ltd, in Bulgarian EOOD or OOD) (with one or more shareholders) or as a Public Limited Company (Plc, in Bulgarian EAD or AD).
The Bulgarian company foundation documents must be executed in front of a notary, the minimum share capital will be deposited in a bank account, the notarized documents are to be registered with the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency
The procedure for establishing company takes around one week, including elaborating documents, opening bank account, notary signing, submitting in Commercial registry and entry.